Showing dogs is a great sport for many enthusiasts, and is a chance not only for competition, but for viewing many beautiful dogs and getting to know the many breeds recognized by the AKC.  The purpose of conformation showing is to evaluate potential breeding stock, therefore, neutered dogs are not allowed to compete in these shows.  There are three kinds of conformation shows:  all breed, specialty shows (limited to one breed) and group shows (limited to breeds that are in one of the seven groups).  Here in Florida, our show season runs most of the year, with shows tapering off during July and August.  Our parent club, RRCUS, hosts it's annual National Specialty at varying locations and dates around the country.  SSRRC has recently become a Regional Club and is starting to hold annual Regional Specialties.
Additionally, there are many regional and RRCUS supported shows which draw large Ridgeback entries.  For more information on conformation showing, please check out the AKC site!